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For information on PFOA/PFOS, filtration systems, and more:
If residents are concerned about testing for general well water quality, the document link above gives the names of local companies that test for PFOA/PFOS. In addition, the link below is a list of vendors that have been approved for this test and collection method and will sample residential wells. If more information is needed, you may contact Kent County Health Department (see their information below).

If you have questions regarding the Wolverine disposal sites, Kent County Health Department has updates at the web address below: 
Near the top of the page under Kent County Updates there are contacts listed for different subject matter issues where the Health Department can direct people with questions that they may have.

If residents are concerned about testing for general well water quality they can contact the Kent County Health Department at 616-632-7100.

2017-12-11 UPDATE:
Below is a link to a map the shows an expanded sampling area called "Wolven West North", outlined in pink to the Rogue River. It is estimated that approximately 60 homes will be included in this sampling area. Note that this area will also include Cottages on the Rogue development. 
If you live near an area that you believe may be a suspected Waste Disposal Area, please fill out and send a Data Collection Form for Rumored Waste Disposal Areas form and email the form to MDEQ-RRD-HouseStreet@michigan.gov. It is paramount to the DEQ's investigation for anyone who has information of Disposal Sites let them know. Properly linking these sites to Wolverine will make a difference in how and where they test, as well as the possibility for residents to be compensated by WWW.

For additional assistance, please email the Environmental Assistance Center at:
deq-asist@michigan.gov or call 800-662-9278.

For information on filtration systems and where to find them, see this document from the DEQ:

Governor Snyder has issued a directive to respond to PFAS water concerns.  The website is intended to serve as a resource for public information on PFAS contamination in Michigan. It will be updated regularly as additional facts about the issue and locations impacted becomes available. It includes links to a PFAS fact sheet, Safe Fish Guidelines, and toxic substances health and disease information.

This page located on the Plainfield Township website will connect you with the information from key agencies working to investigate and manage the House Street contamination:.



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