Zoning Board of Appeals Members & Terms

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five Township citizens and two Alternatives appointed by the Township Board at the recommendation of the Supervisor to serve 3- Year terms.  Terms begin April 1st and Election of Officers is also held at the April meeting of each year.  One member is appointed from the Planning Commission as a representative.

Current Members:   Term Expires:
 Chairman Rob Swem  3/31/2019
 Vice Chairman Mark VanderHyde  3/31/2019
 Secretary Larry Harr  3/31/2020
 Member Mike Powers  3/31/2020
 PC Representative Ariana Jeske  3/31/2021
 Alternate No 1 Allmon Forrester  3/31/2020
 Alternate No 2 Kevin VanRavenswaay  3/31/2019





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